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Find out more below
Find out more below

Make some extra cash from your gold. Gather up your gold to be valued.

And request a Gold Bag using the form below. Place your goods in the easy seal bag provided.

Write your name and address on the FREE special delivery envelope label.

Then go to your nearest post office where they will stamp it and send it to us without delay and free of charge.

We will call you with an offer the same day that your gold is received by us.

If you accept this offer we will pay you instantly.

If you decline our offer we will return your gold to you immediately via special delivery at no cost to you.

  • How It Works Open or Close

    Customer - 3 easy steps

    Please keep your Royal Mail reference number to track the delivery of your pack...

  • What We Do With Your Gold Open or Close

    CASH4MYGOLD- 3 easy steps

  • Common Questions Open or Close

    How much is my Gold worth?

    The price offered will be based on the carat and weight of gold in your items and the current international gold price at the time.

    Are there any charges?

    There are no charges for sending your gold. We will return them free of charge if you are not happy with our offer. However, if all items are found to be non gold we will charge you £10 for the return.

    Is my jewellery safe?

    Yes. Our special delivery service has been set up with Royal Mail to provide you with a safe and reliable way of sending us your items. All special delivery bags are insured up to the value of £500. Additional insurance of up to £2500 is available at the Post Office for a small fee, if required.

  • What Are Your Current Gold Prices?Open or Close

    Gold Carat

    Gold Price in £'s

    24 CT Gold Price


    9 CT Gold Price


    14 CT Gold Price


    18 CT Gold Price


    21 CT Gold Price


    22 CT Gold Price


    * The gold price changes daily and so does the price we pay. We always keep inline with the market price so if gold goes up we pay more!

  • What Type Of Gold Do You Buy? Open or Close

    Here are some of the Gold items that we buy...

    • Bangles and bracelets
    • Broken and damaged jewellery
    • Non-hallmarked gold
    • White gold
    • Chains and necklaces
    • Pendants
    • Brooches
    • Earrings
    • Tangled chains
    • Gold coins and sovereigns
    • Rings
    • Cufflinks
    • Gold ingots
    • Dental gold
    Here are some of the Gold items that we buy...
  • Why Trust Us? Open or Close

    Cash4MyGold is different from many other postal gold services because of its creation on the foundation of a long, trusted and established retail background. Cash4MyGold was created as part of AF Premier Ltd. AF Premier Ltd has over 20 years of high street presence. We believe the success of AF Premier Ltd and Cash4MyGold is down to trust.

The process is simple, safe and secure with



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